Anna-Kate (perfecthumanity) wrote in ophelia_sucks,

my beef

So erm I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I’ve managed to form an opinion about it. As you galls have seen over in kissmyass_cosmo  there seems to be a rather heated cyber war debate about whether or not you can be a feminist and shave your legs at the same time. Apparently I suck because I shave and you suck if you like to pretty yourself with ANYTHING. Oops sorry for having the female instinct to try to attract the opposite sex, sorry I forgot that I’m supposed to deny that I am an animal just like any animal with instincts to attract a mate.


Here’s my beef:


Feminism should be about fighting for freedom, equality and DIVERCITY! It in part should be a fight against having to fit into gender specific beauty standards. As a woman *WAIT* as a human being, I think that we should feel free to have diversity in our looks and beliefs and so on. Like the thin/fat dichotomy, there is the alternative, I can be strong and health and muscular.


Dichotomies have the black and white thinking that is not healthy in any situation. And what I see going down in kissmyass_cosmo  is women making categorical imperatives for a feminist/nonfeminist dichotomy. And that is scary and stupid. If I am fighting against having to fit into a mold why should I then be shoved into a “feminist mold” b/c ouch fuck! I don’t fit! I am me, and I’m not like you, and you’re not like the next girl, and I love diversity! So don’t shove feminist rules down my throat otherwise you are just as bad and oppressive as a man telling me I must shave!


Besides I think I'm more of a humanist than a feminist.

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