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Should it bother me that my roommate is currently building a souped up hot-rod type car in the hopes of attracting ladies?

The thing is, he is hoping to attract the type of ladies seen in most car magazines.  He is overweight, rarely showers, walks around with his shirt half-tucked in and half not, and is generally a slob.  He's hoping that slim, attractive, and hopefully blonde or asian ladies will flock to him as soon as he finishes this car.  (And I guess this is the image that car magazines present to him.  I once purchased an import car mag to show my boyfriend some car parts inside, and the 3rd page in had an ad for special racing seatbelts. It was basically a naked large breasted woman sitting in the car with only the 3 straps of the seatbelt covering her.  It said something like: Protect what's precious.  It was a different brand than the seatbelt I showed, but you get the idea.)

HOWEVER, if a girl looked like him, he would shrug her aside.  I've seen it happen before.

I don't know what sort of response I'm looking for, really.  I agree that my roommate, just like a girl, should not be pressured into meeting standards of beauty but I think there should still be a minimum standard for taking care of yourself.  As well, you shouldn't completely let yourself go and then hope that 'hot' people should fall all over themselves to be with you.

Maybe I'm just feeling ranty, so I'm going for a nap now ;)

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