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in chains

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i lie in bed and consider stepping onto that scale, a wave of fear crashes into me. all of the what ifs threaten my happiness. what if? what if? what if?

what if i gained a pound?

what if i lost a pound?

what if i lose control?

i am chained to an ideal that never existed in the first place via a hunk of metal and plastic and wires. small gray numbers in a glass window determine my self-worth.

but then, i roll over in my bed, instead deciding not to step on that scale, at least for today. and i am free. i feel like i could conquer the world. i feel like i can eat whatever i want. and be happy. i break the chains that bind me to an ideal that never existed. but it won't last long i fear.

for there is always a battle for freedom to be fought again tomorrow.
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